Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a NEW Day!

It’s a NEW Day fam….

I am starting off this blogging goal of mine, dodging the deadline which is in less than an hour. Just to let you know, it’ll probably be this way more than not! LoL (I can’t help it. I’m a chronic procrastinator…sue me!) Okay, this post is mainly to introduce myself and tell you all the purpose of this new blog.


I “officially” began the journey back to my kinky crown of napps in September 2008. I am not 100% certain on the date of my last perm, but I do know it was either right before or after my trip to New York (*sings* Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…)” w/ my bestie. I had been thinking about going natural for a while, but never thought about it seriously. Finally, I made the decision to take this journey in September. It was either that or slap some creamy crack on my hair b/c it was ::sings:: “Like Whoa!”, seriously yall. So, after transitioning for a number of months, I decided to just big chop and a star was born on April 18, 2009. That star’s name? NappturallyStephers, of course! The feelings I had from this experience were unbelievable! I felt SO fierce. Forget Kanye. You couldn’t tell ME nothing! Honey I have NEVER been one to even think of being caught with super short hair. Not w/ my chubby face & cheeks. Chile, please…not me! BUT, Oh Em Gee….I LOVED it from the minute it was done. And, I haven’t looked back since, nor do I plan to. My NAPPy KINKs ROCk!

So, that being said, this blog will be about my trek on this journey to a head full of long, healthy 4b-to-z kinks! I will be talking about my napptural experience, posting my fave YT videos, spotlighting my favorite napptural bellas & chicas, showing my fave hair inspirations & styles, reviewing products that I buy to try out, and so on. If it has to do w/ natural hair, I’ll probably mention it on here @ one point or another.

What this blog is not, you ask?

It’s not to be looked at as trying to compete with some of my favorite fellow napptural blogs that are BAD..real BAD Michael Jackson! (RIP MJ! *tear*) I would never try to compare myself w/ these bellas or even compete with them. This is just me doing me…heck, I can only be ME so there ya have it! If you don’t like me or my blog, please refrain with nasty comments. I simply ask that you take your negativity somewhere else b/c I DON’T need those vibes here. Thank you!

Now, lemme post this b/c I have like eight minutes to get TWO blog posts up. Check in w/ ya tomorrow, chicas!